AVE opens registrations for the 2023 Headmasters of the Year Gala

  • The seventh edition of The Headmasters of the Year Awards Gala will take place on October 9

  • Registrations are open for all headmasters of educational establishments in Romania, until August 14, 2023

  • The prizes for the winners of the 2023 Headmasters of the Year Awards Gala amount to more than 14,000 Euro and a spot in the programme for the transformation of schools, headed by AVE

Bucharest, July 12, 2022. The Association for Values in Education (AVE) is announcing the opening of registrations for The 2023 Headmasters of the Year Awards Gala, the event that awards for remarkable results of headmasters and deputy headmasters of public and private high, middle and primary schools and kindergartens in Romania. Signing up can be done online, from July 11 to August 14, 2023 (23:59). 

The Headmasters of the Year Awards Gala aims to bring into the limelight headmasters who, by means of the projects they implement in the schools and the communities they belong to, effect change and contribute to the transformation of the educational system in Romania. 

“We believe in the school headmaster’s strength as a leader of the school community. Every year, AVE celebrates and acknowledges the headmasters’ role, those who inspire and contribute to the transformation of their community and, with it, to that of education in Romania. It is necessary for these leadership and entrepreneurial and sustainable approach models, which generate results, to be visible and known. We know that together we are transforming education in Romania and wish to meet those who take it upon themselves to provide a quality educational experience for each child at the school they coordinate”, said Silvia Toth, AVE Educational Programmes Manager.

The 2023 Headmasters of the Year Awards Gala, on October 9, at the Romanian Athene

The Headmasters of the Year Awards Gala is a manes to identify, through an ample, application-based process, and later on to award, those school headmasters who, following the positive changes achieved throughout an academic year, contribute to the transformation of both the communities they are part of and the educational system in Romania. AVE acknowledges, with this event, the importance of the school headmaster’s strategic role in the process of modernising education. 

Registrations open for The 2023 Headmasters of the Year Awards Gala

As part of the Galei, awards will be granted to 4 of the best headmasters, under three established categories: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Equal opportunities and, likewise, the grand award, the 2023 Headmaster of the Year. Eligibility for registration applies to all the headmasters and deputy headmasters in office during the 2022 – 2023 academic year, who were also never awarded before at the Gala.  For the Innovation category, the search is for headmasters who think differently, find innovative solutions, tackle in a totally novel manner a chronic issue of the school they coordinate.

For the Entrepreneurship category, awards are granted to headmasters whose initiatives demonstrate entrepreneurial effectiveness in cases where resources are insufficient, whereas the Equal opportunities awards go to headmasters who manage to bring closer to school the vulnerable students in their communities. The grand award is granted to the headmaster who will surprise with their exceptional leadership qualities, vision and remarkable results that make a difference for the children.

Headmasters can sign up by filling out a form available online ), for no more than two categories of awards of the three specialised ones. Each registered headmasters is automatically taken into consideration also for the grand award, the 2023 Headmaster of the Year. Moreover, anyone who knows a school headmaster with extraordinary results can recommend them for registration by filling out an online form.  

This year, for each category a prize amounting to 3,500 Euro will be granted in order to support the headmasters in the projects they are currently running at their schools or to initiate a new project, but also a spot in AVE’s programme. The school will be automatically selected for the programme of the Association for Values in Education, where it will enjoy development pathways based on transformation processes.

Selection and judging for The Headmasters of the Year Awards Gala take place over three stages – selecting the applications, assessing them and interviews for the 2023 Headmaster of the Year. The judging committees assigned to each award category will comprise at least seven members, most of them business sector representatives, recruitment and education specialists, as well as one representative of the students and one journalist.

The Headmasters of the Year Awards Gala is a recurring event, organised for the seventh consecutive year by AVE, its purpose being to provide support and recognition for school headmasters, but also to create an environment where education is appreciated and capitalised upon, thus inspiring new generations of leaders and innovators in the field of education.