AVE România: we improve the education system together

We are launching The Programme for the Transformation of Schools in Romania

Quality education means each student in Romania is able to visibly make progress across eight key skillsets in order to succeed in life. For that reason, AVE is launching The Programme for the Transformation of Schools in Romania by means of which we are embedding in a one-time transformation journey the expertise gained from the Edu Networks, The Leadership Academy and HumanKind programmes.

Asociatia pentru Valori in Educatie

We transform education together with you!!

Every student in Romania shall make visible progress across the 8 key skillsets, which have been identified by the European Union Council as necessary in order to allow personal development, a healthy and sustainable life, employability, civic involvement and social inclusion.



Personal and social






1000 school transformed
by 2028

This means that every student in these schools should be able to enjoy visible progress across each of the 8 key skillsets.

Our mission is to tag along the schools as part of fast-tracked, scalable and customisable transformation and learning processes by means of:

We are looking for 200 schools intending to commence this transformation during the fall of 2023. For the first transformation cycle (October 2023 – December 2026), the programme shall prioritise the development of three key skillsets for students:

The transformation pillars

In order to spawn sustainable changes at a school level, the Transformation Programme enhances organisational capacity with the help of three transformation pillars. These contribute to the development of key skillsets by the headmaster, the executive team and the teaching staff, of better lessons and the creation of student progress measurement systems.


Pillar 1

Competence building for students, teachers and headmasters

Each adult in the school will benefit from support in developing their professional skills. As such, the school board and the administrative staff will acquire and develop management and collaboration skills, whereas the teachers will be assisted in designing better lessons intended to lead to the students’ progress across the literacy, social-emotional and digital skillsets.
Transformare la nivelul întregii școli

Pillar 2

Forging support and collaboration relationships

For learning to occur, it takes an environment that is secure and inclusive both for students and the teachers. For that reason, the Transformation Programme pays special attention to building a school culture relying on collaboration, trust, curiosity, respectful and harmonious relationships among all the adults and the students at the school.


A solid network of mentors and coaches will support the schools’ teams in creating a culture of this nature.

Leadership pentru scoala

Pillar 3

Continuous measurement of progress

In regard to all the competencies developed as part of the programme, both the adults’ and the children’s, the Transformation Programme will support the schools’ teams in adopting and employing progress constant measuring tools and practices so as to calibrate to the best possible extent the pace and type of learning experiences.

What do we do by means of the Programme for the Transformation of Schools?

The in-programme recruitment process

Whether you are a headmaster or a deputy headmaster and wish to transform your school, we encourage you to take the following steps:

Statement of interest form

    Your school is
    School type
    Which are the first 3 things you would like to change for the better at your school?
    To what extent do you feel you can count on the teaching staff team’s support and involvement in this school transformation endeavour?
    Are you willing and motivated to commit yourself to a 3-year school transformation endeavour?

    Questions and answers

    The school headmaster shall fill out the statement of interest form in order to receive additional details by October 1.

    The total value of the programme is 60.000 lei a year per school unit. With the partner companies’ support, we are providing 200 grants that are designed to cover 95% of the programme costs, whereas the schools will only have to pay for the optional elements, the value of which may reach up to 3000 lei a year.


    The programme will comprise main elements (which are mandatory for the school to be able to proceed to the next stage) and optional elements. The mandatory elements will be cost-free for the 200 schools that receive a grant. They do not entail any costs for headmasters, teachers or students and are accessible to the entire school community.


    All the assessment tools included in the programme are, likewise, cost-free for all the beneficiaries.

    The programme is intended for both urban and rural schools throughout the country. The social and economic development levels of the locality in which the school operates do not influence eligibility.

    Kindergartens, primary, middle or high schools can apply, whereas the main criterion for selection into the programme will be the motivation of the school’s headmaster and teaching staff team, but also the resolve to make a change with a positive impact upon the children.

    Private schools are eligible to take part in the programme, however, they are not eligible for grants. Schools that have previously taken part in Edu Networks may not be selected for the Transformation Programme.

    Transform your school together with us!