A 4 year program in which a community of education & business specialists work together with 114 schools to make 64,000 children enjoy school.

 Strategic partner

9 organizations

68 education specialists

50 business mentors

We are an alliance of education and business partners which supports teachers, principals and parents to transform the schools in their communities.

We have already selected the first 114 schools that have begun interventions in Fall 2019, with a new recruitment period starting in Spring 2020.

A team of education and business specialists who work together with school representatives

Personalized approach for each school

Engaging the entire community (parents, local government, companies, regional education boards)

Focus on reducing educational gaps in the early age

What are the characteristics of a good school, which we build in this program?

  • learning based on 21 century abilities
  • equal access to education
  • the parents and the community are actively involved
  • fostering a culture of collaboration between teachers
  • pupils feel save
  • practical learning, that is relevant for life skills
  • children’s well-being is a priority
  • the school attracts and uses resources from the community
  • arts and sciences are a priority
  • personalized solutions for pupils’ needs
  • literacy and critical thinking are at the center of attention
  • modern evaluation systems are being used
  • collaboration with neighboring schools
  • teachers innovate and develop things together
  • the curriculum is approached in an integrated way, with equal interest to all subjects
  • maintains healthy relationships with families