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The purpose of the Website. AVE has created the Website for information purposes, to make the public aware of aspects concerning its existence, its mission and projects, in whichever completion stage for ongoing ones and/or completed ones, as well as to inform in relation to aspects regarding the education system’s stage/level in Romania, surveys and statistics and pragmatic elements. Through the Website, users/visitors may choose to be permanently informed about AVE’s activity by signing up to receive Newsletters and can contact AVE using the communication methods present in the Contact section.


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As such, we ask our visitors not to alter the content of the Website and to use the information made available for their own informative purposes and/or for purposes of interacting with AVE, while also observing AVE’s rights in regard to the components, texts, graphics, logo, information, images, in regard to the entire content of the Website itself, as well as AVE’s and its partners’ rights over the mark / distinctive elements therein, and over their own trade names.


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Supporting AVE’s activity. In your capacity of visitors/users, you can choose to support financially AVE’s activity and projects through donations. You can choose to make a one-off payment or recurring payments, datele dvs. The management of the payment activity that you carry out shall be done through the EuPlătesc.ro payment platform (https://www.euplatesc.ro/), held and administered by EuroPayment Services S.R.L. („EuPlătesc”)


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As part of the payment management activity, EuPlătesc acts independently, employing its own systems and software, with zero involvement from AVE in the payment-making process, whether or not these are one-off or recurring.


Prior to using the EuPlătesc platform in order to support AVE’s activity, please access EuPlătesc official website – https://www.euplatesc.ro/ for a proper understanding of the process and guarantees it provides in terms of guarding your personal data and the payment process you carry out, in particular the Privacy Policy – EuPlătesc (euplatesc.ro), the Terms and Conditions – EuPlătesc (euplatesc.ro).

As part of the payment processing activity, EuPlătesc acts independently, with full control over the payment page and the management of your data. Therefore, AVE is not, and shall not, be in any way liable for the procedure of processing payments you have carried out, or for the personal data that you send to your payment processor, for any complaints or requests that may be made directly to EuPlătesc as per the procedure provided on its website (EuPlatesc HelpDesk) or by any other means made available by EuPlătesc.


In regard to recurring payments, you can reconsider your decision at any moment and cease any future payments via an email sent to office@ave-romania.ro

Personal data. The images presented, particularly from certain events, whether organised or attended by AVE, serve only an informative purpose, displaying AVE’s activity. We request that you refrain from copying, distributing, altering or using them in any(other) possible way.

The data of the contact persons mentioned in the “Contact” section from the AVE Website is also personal data under the legal protection mechanism of (general) Regulation EU 2016/679 on the protection of data and under the related national legislation and is provided exclusively to ensure contact with AVE, so we request that you use it exclusively to this end and for interaction with AVE, when/if you find it necessary.


The available contact form may be used by a visitor to write to AVE and interact with us, the filled-out form and the written message reaching AVE as an e-mail message. The data you are requested to provide in the said contact form is necessary for us to be able to reply with the best possible information and coverage of what may constitute the subject of your message. If you are not the holder of the contact data that you enter, or are not authorised, according to the law, to use it, then do not use or communicate to us the respective data by not entering it in the Contact form. As far as we are concerned, you can find the content of AVE’s disclosure on the processing of personal data here: office@ave-romania.ro.

Our Website does not have any commercial website capabilities or functionalities, however, it does contain cookies, as you will be briefly informed when first accessing it. As for the AVE Website Cookies policy, it can be read here: https://ave-romania.ro/cookies/

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For the AVE Website interaction /the link to AVE’s Facebook page –  https://www.facebook.com/asociatiapentruvaloriineducatie/. Your accessing and/or browsing the respective website shall be subject to the terms, conditions and policies of that website.

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For the AVE Website interaction /the link to AVE’s YOUTUBE page – (727) Asociatia Pentru Valori in Educatie – YouTube. Your accessing and/or browsing the respective website shall be subject to the terms, conditions and policies of that website.

For the AVE Website interaction /the link to AVE’s MAILJET page – (727) Asociatia Pentru Valori in Educatie – YouTube. Your accessing and/or browsing the respective website shall be subject to the terms, conditions and policies of that website.

AVE, at its own discretion, reserves the right to change, alter or eliminate certain portions of the website terms and conditions, also in regard to its content.